What is OpenSpending?

OpenSpending is a free, open and global platform to search, visualise and analyse fiscal data in the public sphere. Start searching, or read on to contribute data, code, or domain expertise.


Get started publishing your fiscal data today with the interactive Packager, and explore the possibilities of the platform’s rich API, advanced visualisations, and options for integration.


OpenSpending is a modern stack designed to liberate fiscal data for good, and we’d love your help! Start with the docs, chat with us, or just start hacking.

Civil society

Access a powerful suite of visualisation and analysis tools, running on top of a huge database of open fiscal data. Discover facts, generate insights, and develop stories.

Get involved

Do you want to get involved with the OpenSpending project, so we can work together towards a future of fiscal transparency from governments and other public bodies?

If you are a journalist, a developer, a publisher, a CSO or just someone who wants to be part of the change, we would love to hear from you. Please introduce yourself in our discussion forum, and get started with a range of tutorials on using OpenSpending.